Innovative Cam Secured by Padlock

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The padlockable cam lock is a solid metal cam lock with a built-in finger pull that allows a keyed or combination padlock to secure the drawer or door.

Popular Uses:
-  Gym, Clubhouse, School Lockers
-  Anywhere whereby padlocks are desired to lock up doors or drawers.


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padlockable cam
Black-7840-US19   *   Chrome-7840-US26   *   Brass 7840-US3

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Combination, Keyed and Master Keyed Padlocks

Wide Variety of
Optional Cams

Combination Cam Locks, Tubular Locks,
Push  Button, etc.

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HitchSafe - - Converts your receiver into a vault! Store spare keys, credit cards and licenses during outdoor activities!

ShurLok - - Never be locked out again! Store spare keys safely with the ShurLok!

Combi-Cam - - Easily replaces keyed cam-locks! No need to with keys!

Combi-Bolt - - Traditional sliding bolt with an innovative twist!

Combi-Ratchet - - Keyless convenience with master key override!

Combination Key Cabinet - - Why use keys to access keys?

SOBO Locks - - High security European style padlocks at affordable prices!

     KeyGuard Lock Boxes-  -key storage lock boxes with the familiarity of a phone keypad punchbutton system and ability to spell out easy to remember words.
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